Torn Paper 1000

Where do you get the materials for your jewelry?

Here in San Diego I get most of my beads and findings from Gem and Bead Mall/Dragon Findings. Lately friends and family have been sending me bottle caps and circuit boards too! But any time I get to travel I use it as an excuse to buy beads, my furthest-traveled beads are from China, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

How does someone purchase an item from this site?

My etsy site is alive, alive!! Ahem. Anyway, check out the latest offerings here. Or shoot me an e-mail and let me know which one you're interested in, I'll let you know what the shipping charge will be. I accept payment through paypal.

Do you ever do custom work?

Most definitely! All bracelets can be resized to whatever length you'd like, and if you'd like a particular bracelet or pair of earrings reworked in a certain stone let me know, I'm always happy to take requests.

Do you make jewelry for a living, like a full-time job?

Nah, I do this for fun! The rest of the time I'm a professional graphic designer, working in print and online advertising. Which is ALSO fun. Some of my graphic work is here.

I swear I saw someone who looks JUST like you selling jewelry too...

That'd be my twin sister in North Carolina, she makes and sells wooden jewelry, you can find her on deviantart and etsy, she has some awesome stuff.

So the whole family makes jewelry?

Nope, just me and Kathryn. Our sister Hannah is a writer and editor, my brother-in-law Nathan is a photographer, and our parents just retired from 40 years with the Asolo Repertory Theater. So it's an artsy little circle we live in.

Anything else?

I'm on a podcast! Come and listen to us rant, make fun of each other, and generally have an awesome time talking about just about every geek-related thing you can imagine. The Binary System Podcast, at